Empowerment and Accountability Theme Group

Itad has launched an Empowerment and Accountability Theme Group to spearhead its growing portfolio in this area.

Itad is already engaged in a diverse set of empowerment and accountability interventions, including the State Accountability and Voice Initiative and Voices for Change, both in Nigeria, as well as evaluations of the Tilitonse Grant Fund in Malawi and DFID’s Beneficiary Feedback Pilots Programme.  In each, we are using innovative and tailored approaches to help citizens engage in political processes and to understand the results and the causal chain delivering these results.  Recognising the importance of citizen empowerment and increased government accountability in bringing about sustainable poverty reduction, Itad is keen to bring its experience to bear in new initiatives and to share it more broadly with the international development community.

The Theme Group will be reaching out to individuals and organisations working in this area with the aim of forming exciting new partnerships and developing creative interventions.  If you are involved in this kind of work, and are interested in collaboration, please get in touch with Claire Hughes, the Theme Group Leader at claire.hughes@itad.com.