Knowledge products

As consultants, much of our work is found in client reports, which may or may not be in the public domain. These knowledge products are the opportunity to make available Itad’s thinking and knowledge, collected from across our projects. There is a range of material here, including working papers, think pieces, academic articles, project publications, and webinars.

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Health & Human Development – Contributing to Better Results in Health

At a time when health funding is being squeezed, there has been increased attention on ensuring that money spent achieves maximum impact.

Empowerment & Accountability – Promoting Citizen Empowerment and Government Accountability

Poor people will continue to have limited opportunities as long as governments and service providers remain disinterested in their priorities.

Climate Resilience – Improving Performance of Climate Change Responses

The threats posed by climate change are global and have the potential to reverse hard-fought development gains. We believe the transformative change needed to address these threats must be based on a robust understanding of what works and why.

Better Value for Money

In this paper, Julian Barr and Angela Christie provide an organising framework that attempts to provide a means to better understand, express and enable judgements to be reached on Value for Money in development programmes.

Trialling Client-Focused Climate Finance in Ethiopia

Accessing climate finance for stakeholders in developing countries presents a dilemma: it is inaccessible to those who need it most and who are best placed to spend it. The Strategic Climate Institutions Programme (SCIP) Fund in Ethiopia is providing an innovative model to try and redress this …

Learning by Design: Perspectives on Monitoring and Evaluating a Southern-focused Knowledge Service

Itad’s Robbie Gregorowski, who worked with GDNet throughout its 2010-2014 phase of DFID funding, and Sherine Ghoneim from GDNet, share their personal reflections on how GDNet’s M&E was developed and how it has evolved over time, what they learned and their advice to others.
Please …

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