Knowledge products

As consultants, much of our work is found in client reports, which may or may not be in the public domain. These knowledge products are the opportunity to make available Itad’s thinking and knowledge, collected from across our projects. There is a range of material here, including working papers, think pieces, academic articles, project publications, and webinars.

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V4C Case Study – Traditional leaders advocate for female decision makers

Traditional leaders, who are largely men and role models for their followers, can play a crucial part in promoting gender equality within the community. In Nigeria, where leadership roles have historically been allocated to males, traditional leaders are demonstrating that it is possible to break …

V4C Case Study – Religious leaders speak up for gender equality

From the outset of the programme, V4C has been working with a group of ‘key influencers’ – including religious leaders (RLs) and institutions – that it regards as critical to achieving a change in attitudes towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. Up to this point, there were few …

V4C Case Study – Strengthening mechanisms that support gender responsive legislation

The Gender Technical Unit (GTU) facilitated the passage of the Violence against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act and the progression of the Gender and Equal Opportunity (GEO) Bill and has gained recognition as a facilitator of gender responsive legislative process at the National Assembly in …

Dynamic monitoring and results: How the Propcom Mai-Karfi project designed and implemented an adaptive measurement system

Itad is leading the monitoring and evaluation spoke for BEAM Exchange, which aims to build the credibility of the market systems approach by strengthening the evidence base of its impact, and to support practitioners to improve implementation by generating and responding better to information on …

Why don’t decision makers use evidence, and what can be done about it? – BCURE Evaluation Briefing No. 2

Itad is leading a three-year impact evaluation of the £13 million UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative ‘Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence Programme‘ (BCURE).
We are examining how and why different approaches to capacity building for evidence-informed …

Summary: Routes to Resilience: Insights from BRACED Year 1

BRACED is a unique programme, aiming to build resilience locally yet at scale in highly vulnerable places. To understand how BRACED is building climate and disaster resilience, the BRACED Knowledge Manager collates and synthesises evidence on how resilience is being built on the ground.

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