Knowledge products

As consultants, much of our work is found in client reports, which may or may not be in the public domain. These knowledge products are the opportunity to make available Itad’s thinking and knowledge, collected from across our projects. There is a range of material here, including working papers, think pieces, academic articles, project publications, and webinars.

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How can capacity development promote evidence-informed policy making? – BCURE Evaluation Briefing No. 1

Itad is leading a three year impact evaluation of the £13 million UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative ‘Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence Programme‘ (BCURE).
We are examining how and why different approaches to capacity building for evidence-informed …

Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA), Policy Briefing 1

Itad recently completed an evaluation of the Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA). This policy briefing provides a brief overview of the evaluation methods, findings, challenges and recommendations.

BCURE Literature Review – How can capacity development promote evidence-informed policy making?

This literature review examines how and why different approaches to capacity building for evidence-informed policy making work, for whom, and in which contexts – aiming to provide a practical resource summarising existing knowledge about evidence use in decision making and how to promote it. The …

BCURE Literature Review Section 1 – What is ‘building capacity for evidence-informed policy making’?

This section of the BCURE Literature Review discusses the theories and assumptions underpinning the BCURE programme and the concept of ‘evidence informed policy making’, providing an overview of the diverse and rich theoretical literature on this topic.   We believe it is important for policy …

BCURE Literature Review Section 2 – What factors promote and constrain evidence-informed policy making?

There is a large amount of evidence on the barriers to and facilitators of EIPM, synthesised in a number of secondary reviews. However, this evidence has been criticised for focusing on single elements of the policy-making process and relying on the perceptions of research producers and users; …

BCURE Literature Review Section 3 – What is the evidence on how to build capacity for evidence-informed policy making?

This section of the BCURE Literature Review examines primary evidence from studies of interventions aiming to build capacity for EIPM, adopting a realist synthesis approach to examine what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and why. It investigates the mechanisms through which capacity …

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