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Bara Sladkova

Bara Sladkova joined the Business Development team in 2014 and became a consultant in 2017. She works primarily on the company’s climate change portfolio.

Bara has over 5 years of experience of working with international governmental organisations, NGOs, and the private sector, in the areas of sustainable development, resilience to climate change, environmental policy and carbon finance. At Itad, Bara has supported several assignments with portfolio reviews, data synthesis and summaries of Theories of Change (ToC), including of all low-carbon development programmes funded by the International Climate Fund (ICF) as part of HMG’s Climate Change Compass. Bara has provided policy advice to major donors in these areas, including on the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation projects in Southeast Asia and to DFID on the role of infrastructure projects in poverty alleviation in India and sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to joining Itad, Bara worked for a Beijing-based consultancy specialising in the carbon trade. Bara has held roles with the European Commission (EC) where she coordinated the work of the EC and several development banks (WB, EBRD, EIB) on the draft of a co-financing mechanism for promoting energy efficiency in buildings.

Bara holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and a BA in International Relations and Development Studies from the University of Sussex.

Find out more about Bara in her 60 Second Interview (Jan 2016).

Nationality: Czech
Languages: Czech (mother tongue), English (fluent)
Country Experience:

Bulgaria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Kingdom


2012 - 2013
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation (Merit)
London School of Economics and Political Science
2006 - 2009
BA International Relations and Development Studies (2:1)
University of Sussex


2017 - ongoing
Itad Ltd

2016 - 2017
Business Development Officer
Itad Ltd

2014 - 2016
Business Development Administrator
Itad Ltd

2013 - 2014
Research Assistant
Engineers Against Poverty

Project Assistant
Kerlin Energy & Environmental Technology/QCA

Assistant to the Head and Deputy Head of Geographical Unit - Bulgaria
DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission


2016 - ongoing
Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences
Climate Change Adaptation Monitoring & Evaluation course
Training in Monitoring and Evaluation: Logframe and Theory of Change

Project Experience:

2014 - 2016
Evaluation of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation’s (CIFF) Contribution to the 2015 International Climate Negotiations
(Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)) - Research Assistant
Conducted two extensive portfolio reviews of climate policy investments (applying OECD-DAC criteria) evaluation and performance assessment of CIFF’s 2015 international climate negotiations initiative in the lead-up to the Paris COP in November 2015 and beyond.
HMG Climate Change Compass
(DFID) - Research Assistant
Supported the evaluation team with summaries of ToCs of all programmes funded by the ICF that aimed to promote low-carbon development.
Infrastructure Topic Guide 12: Maximising the Benefits to the Poor from Infrastructure Programmes aimed at Increasing Growth
(DFID/Engineers Against Poverty) - Research Assistant
Researched and drafted two sections the benefits of infrastructure to the poor: (i) ICT infrastructure, and (ii) access to electricity. Assisted the lead authors with the development of a Theory of Change and establishing assumptions. Helped to identify transmission links and potential risks to the poor. Put forward additional measures to ensure the poor benefit.
Carbon trading and certification of CDM projects
(Quality Carbon Assets, Beijing) - Project Assistant
Researched the area of EU ETS, established contacts for carbon credit swaps in Europe and Japan, and assisted with business negotiations. Contributed to the purchase of carbon credits from Europe and their sale to Japan. Assisted with the approval of CDM projects by National Designated Authorities in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.
Clean technology transfer between China and EU member states
(Kerlin Energy and Environmental Technology, Beijing) - Project Assistant
Liaised with clients in the area of trade with clean technology between Europe and China. Advised clients on EU co-financing and national subsidy schemes related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric mobility.
2012 - 2013
Support to LSE Student Union Energy Society
(London School of Economics and Political Studies) - Officer for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (volunteer)
Organised panels on Biofuels and The Future of Renewable Energy in Europe. Researched, identified, contacted and liaised with participants. Designed conference programs, managed budgets, wrote press releases and contacted media.
Co-financing mechanism for improving energy efficiency in residential housing in Bulgaria
(DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission) - Assistant to the Team
Coordinated a concept of a co-financing mechanism between the EC and external parties (WB, EIB, EBRD) for promotion of energy efficiency measures in residential buildings in Bulgaria (implemented in 2012). Collected evidence and assessed effectiveness of existing financial instruments for promoting energy efficiency in residential housing.
Support to negotiations of the 2014-2020 programming period
(DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission) - Researcher
Drafted a “Country Profile”, an outline of Bulgaria’s progress in the absorption of EU funds, which became one of the DG’s negotiation mandates for the 2014-2020 programming period. Collected primary data through over 20 interviews, analysed findings and put forward recommendations.