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Chris Perry

Chris Perry has over 15 years experience of working in and leading multi-disciplinary teams supporting institutional capacity development and providing strategic and operational advice to public and private sector organisations in a variety of contexts, including post-conflict, post-disaster and multicultural environments (e.g. NAD, Indonesia; Muslim states; Sudan; Cambodia).

During this time Chris has gained experience in the design, planning and implementation of Results Based Management systems in support of strategic and financial planning, policy and strategy adjustment and external and internal accountability processes within governance, education, personnel, financial and energy sectors, including as part of broader governance reforms. Chris also has extensive knowledge of donor operations covering UK DfID, World Bank, UNICEF, EC, AusAID, ADB and Sida, including aid effectiveness (e.g. Paris Declaration), program design, implementation and review incorporating formulation of log frames, budgets, administrative and financing arrangements, terms of reference, risk management plans and financing agreements.

Nationality: British
Languages: English, French
Country Experience:

Cambodia, Gambia, Ghana, Indonesia, Laos,
Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan


1996 - 1997
MSc in Information Processing and Neural Networks
Kings College London
1993 - 1995
BSc (Hons) in Physics with Electronics and Instrumentation
University of Leeds


2012 - Ongoing
Principal Consultant
Itad Ltd

2002 - 2012
International Development Consultant

2000 - 2002
EMIS/Mapping Systems Manager
Working under the auspices of an international NGO, provided sustained support for upgrading education management information and ICT support systems, including EMIS/GIS and its use for education sector planning and M&E. Provided ongoing staff development support to Ministry planning teams and assisted the Ministry with improved use of EMIS for decision making, focusing on access improvement, efficiency measures, quality and standards improvement.
1997 - 1999
Responsible for the management of energy forecasting software and its adjustment in response to the developing requirements of UK blue chip companies in a changing and de-regulating environment. Design and implementation of a responsive user consultation and support system to ensure that energy forecasting models and IT tools were updated and managed according to client needs.

Project Experience:

2013 - 2013
Nigeria Governance Partnership Facility
(World Bank, Nigeria) - Governance M&E Adviser
Description: The objective Governance Partnership Facility (GPF) is a DFID funded and World Bank managed trust fund designed to help improve economic governance in Nigeria. The GPF has 6 components, including: a) accountability and transparency in the oil and gas sectors; b) governance of public service delivery; c) transparency and accountability of public financial management; d) citizen engagement in core Niger Delta states; e) Citizen voice and engagement in reform processes; f) World Bank capacity to provide advice and support on governance issues.

Activities: Working with the World Bank Nigeria GPF management team, facilitated an annual assessment of performance against GPF logframes, including a value for money analysis. Prepared an overall M&E strategy for implementation under revised Nigeria GPF management arrangements and advised on how to strengthen GPF results frameworks.

2009 - 2013
State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC)
(DFID, Nigeria) - M&E Team Leader
Description: The SPARC programme supports State Governments to formulate, monitor and evaluate responsive and appropriate policies and strategies and to improve public financial management and civil service capability. The programme also supports Federal Government to improve incentives for better performance at state level.

Activities: Member of the senior management team with specific responsibility for: a) development of strategies and oversight of consultants for Government M&E capacity development in supported states, b) leading the internal M&E team, including development of programme M&E MIS and impact evaluation approaches and c) providing direct advisory support to selected State Governments on the introduction of Results Based Management approaches.

2011 - 2011
Support to the Implementation of Teacher Incentives
(DFID, Ghana) - Education Planning Expert
Description: The objectives of the consultancy were to assist the government in developing a policy and implementation plan for the additional teacher allowance for deprived districts program.

Activities: Working with the Ghana Education Service, supported the introduction of an incentives scheme for qualified teachers in disadvantaged areas through developing alternative policy scenarios, covering: a) overall financing needs, b) modelling different levels of teacher movement, c) modelling the impact on PTRs in disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged schools and d) alternative scenarios for phasing in the scheme.

2005 - 2011
Australia - Indonesia Basic Education Programme
(AusAID, Indonesia) - Strategic Planning Adviser
Description: The Australia - Indonesia Basic Education Programme (AIBEP) was a A$395 million AusAID funded programme with the purpose of supporting the implementation of the Ministry on Education 2005-2009 strategic plan and Ministry of Religious Affairs strategic education priorities.

Activities:Supported Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs in the development of a non-formal education strategic framework, including a particular focus on remote or difficult areas and the role of non-formal education. Assisted Government with formulation of EFA Mid Decade Assessment, including collating and analysing a range of indicators for sector performance review.

2004 - 2011
Learning Assistance Programme for Islamic Schools
(AusAID, Indonesia) - School Mapping Coordinator
Description: The Learning Assistance Programme for Islamic Schools (LAPIS) was a A$33 million AusAID funded programme with the purpose of improving the quality of basic education delivered in the Islamic education sub-sector.

Activities: Working with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs, designed and managed a baseline study focussed on Islamic schools, drawing on poverty and disadvantage targeting criteria, in order to provide baseline information for planned initiatives and support future programme M&E. Coordinated the work of a school mapping team, including staff from the Islamic Universities network.

2009 - 2009
Study on Governance Challenges for Education in Fragile Situations
(European Commission, Liberia and Southern Sudan ) - Education Governance Expert
Description: The objective of the study was to enhance common understanding of the key governance challenges facing education in fragile situations, how these impact on broader fragility and resilience and stability, and highlight the implications for improved planning and implementation of support to the sector.

Activities: Responsibility for conducting two out of eight country case studies in the education sector focussing on political economy analysis, sector fragility/resilience assessment, sector governance assessment, analysis of lessons learned and formulation of recommendations for improved EC engagement in fragile situations. Co-authored the overall study Synthesis Report with the study team leader.

2004 - 2009
Targeted EC Support to Pro-Poor Basic Education Reforms in Cambodia
(European Commission, Cambodia) - Financial Management Adviser
Description: The overall objectives of the project was to assist the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF) to manage targeted EC sector budget support and to support MoEYS's priority policies and action programmes.

Activities: Strengthening financial planning, management and M&E systems, including improved policy and technical coordination between Education and Finance ministries, EC and other budget support donors. Assisted Ministry of Education in developing pro-poor financing policies and programs as part of Education Strategic Plan 2004/08.

2008 - 2008
Support for Education Sector Development Framework (ESDF) Formulation Lao PDR
(European Commission, Lao PDR) - Sector Financial and Performance Planning and Monitoring Adviser
Description: The global objective of the assignment was to provide support for the design of the ESDF, contribute to EFA FTI submission processes and help ensure the timely adoption of the ESDF, as part of the overall Poverty Reduction Strategic Operation (PRSO) 5 action that was one of the proposed indicators for the EC variable tranche.

Activities: Supporting senior Ministry of Education staff in developing assessments of M&E information & sector performance trends in support of policy and strategy review related to EFA implementation. Developing revised medium-term strategic and financial plans based on new policy and strategy directions, including facilitating cross Government discussions with Ministries of Finance, Planning and Public Administration.

2007 - 2007
Design of EC support to the Education Management Information System in Northern Sudan
(European Commission, Sudan) - Education Planning and M&E Systems Design Adviser
Description: The specific objective of the assignment was to finalise a draft project proposal for the development of a functioning EMIS to be implemented by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Activities: Working closely with Federal & State Ministries of Education, conducted an organisational capacity and information needs assessment for sustainable planning and M&E systems development. Designed EC support for the development of these systems and provided advice on future assistance priorities focussing on SWAp readiness planning.

2007 - 2007
Design of Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria
(DFID, Nigeria) - M&E Systems Design Adviser
Description: The aim of the design mission was to to assist in the development of a project memorandum (with all required annexes) for a new Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN).

Activities: Identification of State/Local Government assistance priorities related to integrated education strategic planning and M&E systems, incorporating EMIS development, as part of planned GBP 200 million DfID support, incorporating an institutional assessment and linkages with concurrent DfID support for broader governance reform at State level, including other State Government agencies.

2006 - 2007
Technical Assistance to MoESS/GES to develop projections of Teacher Supply and Demand in Ghana
(UK DFID, Nigeria) - Education Planning Adviser
Description: The objective of the consultancy was to provide the Ministry of Education (MoESS) and Ghana Education Services (GES) with teacher demand and supply scenarios and to develop strategic options for investment and reform, setting out policy implications and planning parameters.

Activities: Lead planning adviser for developing long-term education planning and finance projections, including development of strategic options for teacher supply/demand planning and deployment/redeployment, in cooperation with Public Administration and Planning Ministries. Institutional capacity assessment related to EMIS use for planning, management, monitoring and evaluation and strategy development.

2006 - 2006
Australia Indonesia Basic Education Programme Design Preparation and Planning
(AusAID, Indonesia) - Co-Team Leader
Description: Design of US$ 300 million AusAID funded Australia - Indonesia Basic Education Programme (AIBEP), incorporating: a) technical strategic advisory support and b) management of the programme implementation, preparation and planning process.

Activities: Responsible for leadership of multi-disciplinary team of 20 national and international consultants to finalise US$ 300 million basic education program design with specific focus on financial and M&E components, including facilitating program negotiation with Ministries of Planning and Finance. Conducted comprehensive analysis of sector financing options, including development of financing strategies related to national teacher deployment and qualifications upgrading.

2005 - 2005
Support for Decentralised Education Management (SDEM) Phase II
(ADB, Indonesia) - Performance/ Knowledge Management Adviser
Description: The objective of the technical assistance was to support the establishment of an equitable, effective, and efficient education system, which is based on well-functioning decentralised service provision and contributes to a better education population.

Activities: Assisted Ministry of National Education (MoNE) with strengthened district education infrastructure planning, management and M&E including identification of institutional strengthening, capacity development and information/knowledge management priorities and strategies. Advised MoNE Renstra 2005-09 formulation group on policy-led sector wide financing options and strategies.

2005 - 2005
Indonesia Education Sector Strategy
(ADB, Indonesia) - Education and Labour Market Specialist
Description: The objective of the assignment was to develop an ADB Indonesia education sector strategy in order to provide the analytical underpinnings and rationale for ADB investment in the education sector.

Activities: Developed medium-term ADB country sector strategy paper ensuring policy consistency with MoNE Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2005-09, including a focus on post-basic education strategies linked to improved labour force competitiveness and strengthened integration of secular and madrasah education, incorporating extensive consultation with Ministries of Finance, Labour and Religious Affairs.

2005 - 2005
Interim Advisory support for Basic Education in Indonesia
(AusAID, Indonesia) - Education Planning and M&E Adviser
Description: The goal of the consultancy was to assist AusAID Indonesia to: establish a large, basic education infrastructure and materials programme funded through grants, and loans if possible; and position itself more strategically as a donor in the education sector.

Activities: Lead education financing and M&E adviser within a design team formulating a proposal for a US$ 300 million education sector support program, assisting senior policy makers identify assistance priorities within Education Strategic Plans, including a focus on institutional development and M&E systems building as part of planned support for basic education facilities expansion.

2004 - 2004
Basic Education Investment Project
(World Bank, Cambodia) - Strategic Planning Adviser
The overall purpose of the consultancy was to prepare a design document for a Basic Education Investment Credit (BEIC) in order to finance a series of interventions to expand access to and improve the quality of primary and lower secondary educational services.

Lead planning adviser in design of World Bank education support program, including assisting senior education policy makers and planners in identification of basic education expansion priorities. Key technical facilitator to Ministry taskforces in formulation of ESP 2004-2008, including development and coordination of policy options and strategy papers.

2003 - 2003
Advisory Support for Strengthened Information Systems
(UNICEF/Sida, Cambodia) - Information Systems Design/Strategy Advisor
Description: The objective of the advisory support was to help the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) enhance and consolidate its capacity for managing and developing various information systems.

Activities: Strengthening financial and program planning and M&E systems in the education sector, including comprehensive review of performance targets and milestones and harmonization with broader Government NPRS policies, EFA 2003-2015 and MDGs. Strengthening of external accountability systems at various levels, including supporting the production of school performance and financial reports and guidelines for sharing with the community.

2002 - 2002
Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) and School Mapping: Strategic and Operational Support
(UNICEF/Sida, Cambodia) - EMIS Strategy/Design Specialist
Description: The primary objective of the assignment was to assist individual departments within the Directorate General for General Education to design and implement improved planning and monitoring MIS.

Activities: Institutional assessment of Ministry of Education information management strategies, including performance indicators, decentralized planning systems, pro-poor targeting and related inter-ministerial linkages. Lead adviser in projecting long-term, sector-wide resource needs as part of National EFA Plan development, including human resource and infrastructure development plans and NGO partnerships.

2002 - 2002
Advisory Support for Priority Action Programme: Strengthened Provincial Programme Monitoring
(UNICEF/Sida, Cambodia) - Programme Monitoring Advisor
Description: The overall objective of the technical assistance was to support the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) develop and implement improved decentralised programme monitoring and evaluation systems.

Activities: Strengthening of sector and program performance monitoring systems, including their impact on forward program planning. Strengthened decentralized program planning and monitoring through support to provincial capacity development priorities and plans and development and unification of provincial MIS and M&E systems.

1998 - 2002
Records Management Improvement Project Phase II Extension
(DFID, Gambia) - Systems Analyst
Description: The overall objective of the project was to support the Government of The Gambia in developing personnel, financial, judicial and hospital records management capacity.

Activities: Assisted Public Service Ministry with analysis of civil service staffing trends and patterns and proposed options for improving records and information systems for more effective public service administration. Advised public service ministry on systems and capacity development priorities in order to plan and track staff deployment patterns.


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