How accountability trumps learning: three lessons from evaluating the Tilitonse programme

At this year’s UK Evaluation Society Conference, we reflected on Itad’s experience working on the independent evaluation for the Tilitonse programme.  Tilitonse, which means ‘we are together’ in Chichewa, is a multi-donor fund to promote civil engagement and support more accountable, responsive and inclusive governance in Malawi.

Along with partners …

Six things that help grant-makers learn and adapt

There’s an emerging body of literature identifying key strategies that can both improve learning and enable adaptive management amongst grant-makers. We recently reviewed a host of publications from eight grant-making organisations. Those organisations have diverse aims and approaches but we’ve identified six common themes that stand out:

Strong leadership and …

Rethinking Impact Evaluation for Development

The new IDS Bulletin Rethinking Impact Evaluation for Development is the first of two bulletins which build on the event Impact, Innovation and Learning: Towards a Research and Practice Agenda for the Future, at which the Centre for Development Impact was launched in March 2013.

Issuing a ‘rallying cry’ for impact evaluation to rise to the challenges of a …