60 Seconds with…Daria Kisiel

Our ‘60 Seconds with…’ blogs are designed to provide a quick run down of what our staff do here at Itad. Here is what Daria had to say…

What’s your job here at Itad?

I am a Business Development Officer.

What does that involve?

I am involved in preparing proposals and conducting market intelligence. I am also working on improving processes and procedures to support Itad’s continued growth.

How did you get into the field?

I have always been drawn to international environments and other cultures. I studied Anthropology at university and have worked in international/multilingual workplaces ever since. I narrowed down to international development around 5 years ago when I ended up working as a Project Coordinator in a consulting company. I loved the diversity of working with consultants and clients from Africa, Asia and Europe. I have been hooked on IDEV ever since!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love interacting with people, but also seeing how the product (in this case a proposal) is created and the process behind it; how much work is included and what can be done to improve the process to gain a better result.

What new methods have you noticed in your sector?

I think there’s a trend of moving into more adaptive or agile types of working and being more flexible and attentive to client’s needs and changes of circumstances.

Recent highlight/job wins?

I am still new to the company so at the moment I am helping my colleagues with their bids – hopefully we will see positive results soon enough!

Most interesting question you have been asked recently?

‘How are you finding it being back in Brighton after 6 years?’ I spent my university years here and I have very fond memories of this place. One of the most open-minded places I’ve ever been to.

Favourite place you have visited as part of your job?

My job is more office based so I am not travelling at the moment. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind meeting some partners or clients in Kenya! I am really drawn to this country (though I’ve never been) and I’ve heard really good things about Nairobi.

Daria Kisiel, February 2016