60 Seconds with…Tara Stearn

Our ‘60 Seconds with…’ blogs are designed to provide a quick run down of what our staff do here at Itad. Here is what Tara had to say…

What’s your job here at Itad?

Systems and Facilities Coordinator

What does that involve?

The coordination and day to day management of Itad’s Office Facilities. (We are currently spread over 4 office buildings, 8 Floors and 7 meetings rooms and have 64 staff members!), as well as the day to day management of Itad’s Business Systems (including: IT Infrastructure, Server management, IT Help Desk etc.)

How did you get into the field?

Unintentionally! Initially my role here was more admin based however I have previously worked in system support roles for several companies. This prior experience became useful and allowed me to use my skills to fill a knowledge gap as the company expanded.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety! Every day is completely different from the last. For example one day I could be planning the layout of a new floor in a building and dealing with contractors, furniture deliveries, alarm & access systems etc. The next day our computer systems could be experiencing major problems and I could be spending the day troubleshooting with our IT company.

Recent highlight/job wins?

Being asked to work on Itad’s Knowledge Management system upgrade. There is a lot of opportunity and scope for improvement on what we currently do and a chance to get the whole company involved at various stages with the development. This should ensure that everyone gets input into how the system develops and also that the system itself grows with the company in the future.

Most interesting question you have been asked recently?

Obviously the ones in this interview spring to mind…otherwise it’s probably ‘are those your real teeth’…still no idea to this day what this one was about.

Favourite place you have visited as part of your job?

The server room in summer. It’s air-conditioned.

Tara Stearn, March 2016