Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to provide insight and ideas to drive more effective use of resources in international development. We monitor and evaluate what works, where and why.

We provide independent, professional advice to organisations looking to scrutinise their aid programmes. Our work provides accountability to the ultimate funders of the programmes, whether they are taxpayers or philanthropists, as well as learning for the broader international community to improve the way that development is done.

Our company values underpin all that we do:

Making a difference: We are dedicated to making a contribution to equitable and sustainable international development through the independent perspective we provide.

Technical excellence and innovation: We strive to do the best job possible; this challenges us to continually adapt by exploring new approaches and reflecting systematically on the quality of our work.

Collaboration and learning: We thrive in a learning environment. We work closely with others to generate and share knowledge and skills.

Personal development: We are committed to fostering our personal and professional development, working together within a supportive working environment which promotes diversity and a healthy work-life balance.

Gender: We actively promote gender equality and wider social inclusion, both through our work and within our organisation.

Our values influence all of our work and the way that we run our business. They shape our decision making, inform our policies and procedures, and are the foundation of our company culture.