Itad at EES 2018

Join us this week at the European Evaluation Society (EES) Biennial conference, where several members of the Itad team will present work from a variety of our projects.

Wednesday 3rd October

10am, Olympias room. In a session on resilient climate change, Clare Stott will reflect on our work with the Global Resilience Partnership and unpack how evaluation can be used to understand the potential to scale up resilience innovations. She will be joined by Itad associate Paula Silva Villanueva who will discuss the role of monitoring and evaluation in global climate resilience programmes, drawing on challenges and lessons from our work on BRACEDFind out more.

2.30pm, room 15.  Itad associate Isabel Vogel will identify the methodological lessons we learnt while evaluating research uptake on DFID’s Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme. Find out more.

6.15pm, room 5. In this session, Ethel Sibanda, in collaboration with colleagues from Helvetas, will introduce AVANTI, an M&E for agricultural development capacity-building initiative, funded by IFAD. They will be joined by team members from complementary programme PRiME – both initiatives come under IFAD’s Development Effectiveness Framework. Find out more.

Thursday 4th October

8.30am, room 14.  Isabel Vogel will share lessons around quality and use from our large-scale realist evaluation of DFID’s Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) programme. Find out more.

5.30pm, Philippos room. During this panel session, Bara Sladkova will reflect on how adaptive management can support resilience strengthening, drawing on our work as part of the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice. Find out more.

Friday 5th October

11.15am, Kassandros room. This panel session, chaired by Itad associate Gil Yaron, will focus on the criteria for measuring resilience, and ask what do we know and what are we missing? Find out more.