Itad at IDEAS 2019

This week Itad will be at the 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly, held in Prague, Czech Republic, where will be discussing our work in two sessions.

Bara Sladvoka will be taking part in a panel on ‘Applying Realist Evaluation to assess Transformative Change of climate change interventions – what has worked, how, in what contexts and for whom’ she will be joined by Clarissa Samson, Jo Pari & Sven Harten. The session will be chaired by Bruno Marchal (Weds 2nd Oct, 17.00 to 18.30, Prague West room).

Bara will reflect on our work on using realist evaluation in BRACED and Climate Change Compass. She will consider in particular that realist evaluation is well-suited to understanding context and how and why programmes contribute, or fail to contribute, to change.


Members of the Itad team from our evaluation of Transformational Change in Climate Investment Funds will reflect on their work in Special Session 1 ‘Learning from Transformational Change for  Climate Action’ (Weds 2nd Oct, 11.00 to 12.30, Prague East room) Our evaluation, part of CIF’s Evaluation and Learning Initiative, was primarily a learning exercise to understand how, and to what extent, CIF has been able to contribute to transformational change.

Rob D. van den Berg, President of IDEAS told the Global Assembly website how the theme “Evaluation for Transformative Change” addresses the enormous challenge the global community is facing to ensure significant changes for social, economic and environmental sustainability in development, as illustrated in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030 of the UN.”

Itad is delighted to announce that the Transformational Change team will be also accepting the Award for Influence – find out more about the award and the evaluation here.

We’ll be tweeting from the conference so keep an eye on @ItadLtd and @bara_sladkova for updates!