‘Tis the season to be jolly – Symposium Season

When I worked in Bangladesh in the mid-90s there was always a steady flow of project and programme workshops going on in Dhaka. One individual always turned up; he became known as ‘Mr Workshop’ and we eventually realised he’d just figured out a good way to get a decent lunch several times a week.

At the end of November, I went to four evaluation symposia in …

Stories of Bank Linkages

What are we learning from savings group members on how bank linkages are working for them?

In a recent webinar, CARE shared compelling outcomes of savings groups having access to formal finance such as bank accounts and mobile money services, often referred to as ‘savings group linkages’. To assess the impact of linkage on group savings, businesses, member …

What has the evaluation team discovered so far about the Ideas to Impact prizes?

In this blog post, Ideas to Impact’s evaluators share their findings from the assessment of the first round of prizes and lessons learnt from evaluating them.

While the Evaluation and Learning team’s main focus will be Ideas to Impact’s longer-term prizes or stage 2, we have been looking at what happened with stage 1 and the whole prize …

Are leadership and accountability systems the key to delivering increased gender equality in our work?

We’re about to do a stock take of where we’ve got to in increasing attention to gender issues in our monitoring, evaluation and learning services.

A recent Gender and Development Network learning event on gender mainstreaming was therefore timely. There was a fair amount of despondency amongst the twenty-odd participants from NGO and consultancy organisations …

IDEAS in Mexico: A new chapter for evaluation?

We’ve just published a chapter in a new book, “Evaluation for Agenda 2030: Providing Evidence on Progress and Sustainability.”

Our chapter captures some of the rich discussions held at the Centre for Development Impact (CDI) over the years, as well as a fascinating panel session at the last IDEAS Global Assembly in Bangkok.

While you might not have time to …

Reflections on our experience of DFID’s results agenda

As verifiers of a DFID Results Based Finance programme, ODI’s research on the UK’s results agenda prompted us to reflect on our experience.

In their report ‘The Politics of the Results Agenda in DFID: 1997 to 2017’, Craig Valters and Brendan Whitty argue that 2007 saw a new explicit focus from DFID on aggressively implementing results-based …