Millennium Villages evaluation: Data Visualisation App

The evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project (in Northern Ghana) has a commitment to support greater transparency in the field of evaluation. All of our analysis, findings and conclusions are available through publicly released reports. We have also gone further and released the five years of household survey data used by the evaluation team.

What data is available?

With the support of the UK Data Service – host of the UK’s largest collection of social, economic and population data resources – we are able to make the following datasets available:

  • Under a Special Licence, the household datasets for five years from 2012 (baseline) to 2016 (endline). Applicants need to submit a proposal to access this data. For details, see here.
  • Under an End User Licence, a reduced household dataset, which can be accessed once you have registered with the UK Data Service. For details on registration, see here. For the data set, see here.

Why this app?

We collaborated with Mobile Web Ghana to produce a data visualisation app. The aim of this app is to provide a simple way to explore the household datasets and visualise different comparisons. It is hoped that some users will be interested in going further, and apply to the UK Data Service to undertake a more detailed analysis.

More information on the evaluation, including the full report, can be found on our resource page or in our online summary.

**Owing to the structure of the data set, some combinations of questions and data will not display. Please try other combinations.**

View the app in your browser here.