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Joint Evaluation of Support to Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue

February 2013

Itad and COWI

Although policy dialogue is an area promoted by many development partners in various ways, there is little comprehensive knowledge of the role that CSO involvement in policy development can have on domestic accountability and ownership of the development process, including the role DPs can play in …

GEMS results measurement handbook

December 2012

Tim Ruffer

The purpose of this handbook is to provide GEMS with a consistent framework for capturing and reporting results and to ensure a coherent approach to results measurement across the programme. DFID is required to report the results of GEMS to a wide range of stakeholders.

UNITAID 5 Year Evaluation – Summary

October 2012


Since its inception in 2006, UNITAID has made a significant contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. UNITAID quickly got off to a strong start in pursuit of its mission to play a distinctive market-shaping role in market niches critical to the fight against the three …

2011.05 Evaluation of the Danish engagement in and around Somalia 2006-10

February 2012

Itad / LDP

Current Danish support to Somalia (and neighbouring countries) includes support to refugees and internally displaced persons through the Regions of Origin (ROI) programme, humanitarian support and support to recovery/reconstruction and development. The specific aims of the different types of …

Joint Evaluation of Support to Anti-Corruption Efforts 2002-2009

October 2011


Donor agencies have increasingly included the fight against corruption in their overall governance agenda. In preparation for this evaluation, a literature review was undertaken which showed that our support for anti-corruption work has sometimes had disappointing results.

Evaluation of DFID’s International Citizen Service (ICS) Pilot Stage

October 2011


The 18 month pilot programme, International Citizen Service (ICS) is supporting young British citizens to contribute to development through international volunteering and generating knowledge to inform future youth volunteering programmes. A core aim of the pilot is that the cohort of volunteers is …

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