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Synthesis of Country Programme Evaluations Conducted in Fragile States

February 2010


DFID’s Evaluation Department (EvD) commissions a series of Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs) each year. The studies are intended to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the country programme, contribute to lesson learning and inform the development of future country assistance strategy. …

Evaluation of DFID’s Country Programmes: Ethiopia 2003­ – 2008

April 2009


“DFID has demonstrated the flexibility and responsiveness to be able to work through federal government systems…….while at the same time building capacity in these same government systems.”

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Joint Donor Team in Juba, Sudan

February 2009


The evaluation was conducted in three phases. An inception stage discussed the
Terms of Reference of the assignment with Norad Evaluation Department – the
office responsible for commissioning this evaluation – the head of JDT and representatives of the Joint Donor Partners (referred to as Donor …

Evaluation of Norwegian HIV/AIDS Responses

October 2008


At the turn of the century, there was an increasing concern about the lack of results in fighting the hiv and aids epidemic, and a number of international initiatives were launched. Norway has aimed at being in the frontline in these international efforts, and over the last ten years several …

Evaluation of Ireland aid’s Timor Leste country programme 2003 – 08

September 2008


Timor Leste is a newly independent country with a turbulent history of occupation, in which human rights were neglected and local capacity remained undeveloped. Economically, Timor-Leste is among the poorest countries of the world, although oil and gas reserves have provided a growing source of …

Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes: Zambia

May 2008


The evaluation of DFID’s country programme in Zambia is one of a series commissioned
by DFID’s Evaluation Department. The studies are intended to improve performance,
contribute to lesson learning and inform the development of future strategy at country
level. Collectively the CPEs are …

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