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Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Indonesia

September 2007


This is the report of an evaluation of the UK Department for International  Development (DFID) country programme in Indonesia. It is the fourth in a round  of five country programme evaluations (CPEs) commissioned in 2006/07. The  evaluation addresses two central questions: firstly, ‘What was …

Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes Country Study: Kenya

February 2007


Following the disappointments of the MOI era, the Kenya country programme has in large part been successful in delivering what it set out to achieve. This is a good outcome in a difficult governance environment. The strategy itself is well aligned with Kenya’s needs and significant development …

Poor Rural Communities Development Project – Participation Manual

January 2005


Over the past few years, governmental, public sector and non-governmental organizations have devoted considerable time and resources to the development of poor areas and particularly the poorer sections of the community. At the same time, government at all levels and social organizations have …

Pages: 1 24 25 26