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Evaluation of Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme: Summative Phase Two

October 2018

Teresa Hanley and Rob Lloyd

The Department for International Development (DFID) invested £54.6 million into a humanitarian innovation and evidence programme which began in 2013 for initially five years and now runs to 2022.

Corporate thematic evaluation of UN Women’s contribution to governance and national planning

June 2019

Kirsty Milward, Claire Hughes and David Walker

The UN Women Independent Evaluation Service (IES) conducts corporate evaluations to assess UN Women’s contribution to results in gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE). This evaluation, planned under UN Women’s corporate evaluation plan1, focuses on UN Women’s contribution to …

Savings for youth: a review of evidence

June 2019

Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab

This report is based on an in-depth review of 44 studies that examine the effects of a range of youth savings initiatives. The definition of youth in this sample of studies ranges from 5–36 years, with most savings interventions focusing on the 13–25 age range.

Midterm Review of the Adolescents 360 Program

June 2019

Sue Newport, Gabrielle Appleford, Emma Mulhern, Melanie Punton, Michelle Weinberger and James Rosen

This midterm review synthesizes evaluation findings from the design phase of A360, drawing together insights from an ongoing process evaluation, a cost-effectiveness analysis, and the baseline findings from an outcome evaluation.

A4EA: The Case for an Adaptive Approach to Empowerment and Accountability Programming in Fragile Settings

June 2019

Angela Christie and Duncan Green

Fragile, conflict and violence-affected settings (FCVAS) are messy and ambiguous contexts in which to plan and implement development initiatives. To work there, external actors are increasingly adopting an adaptive approach to empowerment and accountability (E&A) programming, whatever the …

Inception Report: Study of CDC’s mobilisation of private investment

January 2019

Stephen Spratt, Chris Barnett, Peter O’Flynn, Vishal Gadhavi, Jean-Pierre Tranchant, Amrita Saha, Mel Punton and Katie Spafford

This Inception Report describes our proposed approach to the longitudinal evaluation of CDC’s ability to mobilise private investment. The primary aims of the evaluation are to understand:

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