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Itad launches new Gender and Empowerment theme

Itad is pleased to announce the launch of a new Gender and Empowerment Theme, led by principal consultant Claire Hughes.

Our decision to launch a theme focused entirely on Gender is significant. We have worked on gender projects for several years but they formed part of our wider Empowerment and Accountability theme, so promoting gender equality didn’t always …

New household data from Ghana project available for re-analysis

Are you looking for an interesting research project where you can undertake your own analysis of existing datasets? If yes, then some of our evaluation data might help!


The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) was created to explicitly demonstrate how the Millennium Development Goals could be achieved at the local level, using an integrated and scaled-up set …

New BEAM Exchange platform

As part of our work with the BEAM Exchange, we have launched a new platform for practitioners to share and read stories of challenges to monitoring and results measurement on programmes applying a market systems development approach.

The platform provides a space for programme-to programme learning, to support the community by sharing stories of the challenges …