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2013’s New Win Highlights

This year, we have won and are leading a number of exciting multi-year evaluations through DFID’s Global Evaluation Framework (GEFA), DFID’s new central framework for contracting most of its evaluation work. Some of these include an Evaluation Management Unit for FoodTrade East & Southern Africa, Assessing Value for Money in DFID’s Health Portfolio across …

Our VfM Portfolio updates

Value for Money advice continues to be an important part of our portfolio. We have undertaken a number of interesting pieces of work this year, that continue to evolve our thinking on this area, as well as that of our clients.

Early in the year, we completed our study ‘Better Assessing VFM in DFID Nigeria Governance and Conflict Programming’; this developed a …

Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict

Itad’s Chris Barnett has co-authored Chapter 3 of forthcoming book ‘Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict’, which is part of the Routledge Explorations in Development Studies series.

Chris’s chapter is entitled  ‘Critical reflections on the South Sudan evaluation of conflict and peacebuilding activities’. For more information, please visit the Routledge …

Itad begins work on the Monitoring & Evaluation of the Nepal Rural Access Programme

Itad is managing the independent Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Unit (MEL Unit) of the third phase of the Nepal Rural Access Programme (RAP).

The MEL Unit is supporting the RAP team by measuring progress against set benchmarks and milestones, undertaking an impact evaluation of the investments made by RAP, and conducting thematic studies to review the …

Itad report published as a DFID Working Paper

Itad has recently completed a review of M4P evaluation methods and approaches for DFID. This report has now been published as a DFID Working Paper.

The report presents the findings of a study to critically review the methods used to evaluate M4P programmes and thereby help guide the design and implementation of future evaluations.

Itad’s Pink Day Raises Money for Breast Cancer Campaign

On Thursday 24th October 2013, Itad held our very first ‘Wear it Pink’ Day to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Everyone who was in the office got involved and wore pink to work, and Tom Hilton won ‘Best Dressed’ in his Pink Pig Onesie (see below!).

We held a pink-tastic bake sale, which featured a multitude of goodies, including pizza, …

Itad’s Evaluation of Budget Support to Tanzania presented in Brussels

An Itad team recently presented the findings of an important evaluation of budget support to Tanzania. The report was presented in Brussels on 15 October 2013.

A report of the presentation is available here. Further information about the evaluation is available on our website here.

Itad begins work providing M&E support to DFID’s Business Innovation Fund (BIF2)

Itad is providing strategic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services for DFID’s Business Innovation Facility (BIF2) programme, which is being implemented by PwC.

Itad is developing and rolling out the M&E framework, training local teams how to use the framework and providing ongoing strategic direction and support.

Itad begins work for the MacArthur Foundation on oil governance

Itad is developing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for the MacArthur Foundation’s grantmaking in oil governance in the Great Lakes region.

The aim is to produce a simple and feasible M&E framework that can capture progress and learning from the Foundation’s investments in oil governance. We are making recommendations for monitoring and …

Itad begins work on an impact evaluation of peace and community safety in Somalia and Somaliland

Itad is leading a rigorous impact evaluation of the Danish Demining Group (DDG) Peace and Community Safety Programme in Somalia and Somaliland.

We are currently conducting a study to determine whether either a randomised control trial or a quasi-experimental evaluation of the programme will be feasible.

Itad begins work on Evaluation of Peace and Development in Finland’s Development Cooperation

Itad is leading this first large, thematic evaluation of Finnish Development Cooperation focusing on the peace, security and development nexus.

We are leading a large team of international and regional experts specialised in security and justice, governance, capacity building and economic development.

Read more about the project here.

Itad begins work assessing Value for Money in DFID’s health portfolio across states in India

Itad is leading an evaluation to assess the overall impact and value for money (VFM) of three DFID health sector budget programmes in India.

The evaluation will allow DFID to better understand how sector budget programmes are demonstrating delivery of VFM, what it is achieving with the money it spends and how VFM might be improved.

Itad begins work on an evaluation for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) of capacity development

Itad is undertaking a desk review of the meta evaluation of the GEF Enabling Activities for use of Capacity Development (CD) 2.0.

Itad is reviewing the meta-evaluation of the GEF Enabling Activities to determine how, if at all, CD 2.0 approaches and tools have been employed under this modality. Itad is then defining a framework for GEF CD 2.0 and synthesising …

Itad completes evaluation of budget support in Tanzania

Itad has completed the evaluation of budget support in Tanzania and the final report has been released. Between 2005/06 and 2011/12, 14 Development Partners collectively provided almost US$5 billion in budget support to Tanzania.

The overarching objective of this support was to assist the Government of Tanzania in strengthening its policies, strategies, and …

Itad begins work on an evaluation of EC Support to gender equality and women’s empowerment in partner countries

Itad is leading an evaluation of EU support to gender equality and women’s empowerment globally.

The evaluation involves a desk review of wide-ranging literature on country strategies, programmes and projects to generate evaluation hypotheses, which are then tested through key informant interviews, web surveys, an institutional review and 11 country case studies.

Itad begins the evaluation of FoodTrade East & Southern Africa

Itad has begun a wide-ranging longitudinal evaluation of FoodTrade East and Southern Africa (FoodTrade).  FoodTrade is a DFID-funded five year trade enhancement and promotion programme, with a focus on staple food crops.

Read more about the project and our approach here.

Itad begins work on the Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia (PEPE)

Itad is providing strategic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and results management services to the UK Department for International Development’s Private Enterprise Programme, Ethiopia (PEPE).

PEPE is a seven year programme which aims to support private sector development by improving firms’ access to finance and addressing market and government failures in …

Multi-donor evaluation of budget support in Mozambique

Itad is leading this multi-donor evaluation of budget support in Mozambique, contracted by the European Commission.

Itad is partnering with Fiscus (UK) and MB Consulting (Mozambique) for the evaluation. The objective of this evaluation is to assess to what extent the General Budget Support and Sector Budget Support in Mozambique achieved its expected …

New recruits

Itad is delighted to announce the recruitment of three new consultants to join our growing team.

Thomas Hilton has joined to support our rapidly growing portfolio of work in Private Sector Development and Markets. Before joining Itad, Tom helped to set up Gap Capital Ltd, a private investment venture focused on supporting fledgling African agribusinesses to …

Empowerment and Accountability Theme Group

Itad has launched an Empowerment and Accountability Theme Group to spearhead its growing portfolio in this area.

Itad is already engaged in a diverse set of empowerment and accountability interventions, including the State Accountability and Voice Initiative and Voices for Change, both in Nigeria, as well as evaluations of the Tilitonse Grant Fund in Malawi and …

Itad begins M&E work for DFID’s Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme

Itad is leading a contract to monitor and evaluate DFID’s 250 million pound programme aimed at tackling forest governance failures in developing timber-producing countries.

We are working in partnership with Triple Line Consulting to scrutinise the overarching M&E framework for the programme, conduct a series of annual reviews globally and engage with FGMC …

Itad begins work on an evaluation of Norway’s Training for Peace Programme

Itad is working with Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) to evaluate this programme, with a particular focus on conducting a tracer study to assess the impact of the training component.

We are also assessing the cost effectiveness of the programme’s training component, mapping the programme logic and its underlying assumptions, analysing the programme’s relevance, …

Itad begins an evaluation of UNICEF’s Monitoring Results for Equity System (MoRES) Approach

Itad is leading an evaluation to support continuing efforts across UNICEF to articulate, develop and mainstream the MoRES approach.

The evaluation will help sharpen the coherence, methods, and tools of the MoRES approach to UNICEF programming and policies. More widely, we will aim to show how far the adoption of MoRES is beginning to contribute to improve the …

Itad begins work for AusAID to conduct a review of their 2012 operational evaluations

Itad is conducting a review of AusAID’s 2012 evaluations to address a need to improve the quality of its evidence in measuring the effectiveness of its aid.

We are conducting a review of the quality of all independent evaluations commissioned by AusAID in 2012 to identify common strengths, weaknesses and patterns; as well as a synthesis evaluation of a sample of …

Itad begins an evaluation of DFID’s Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme (HIEP)

Itad is leading the evaluation of this new joint initiative between DFID’s policy, operations and research departments.

The aim of the programme is to improve humanitarian outcomes by increasing the quality, quantity and use of evidence in decision-making, and catalysing and bringing to scale major innovations in humanitarian practice.

Itad begins an evaluation of a DFID cash transfers pilot in Northern Nigeria

Itad is working on an evaluation of a five year cash transfer pilot in Northern Nigeria to determine its impact on household food security and child nutrition.

We are using a mixed methods approach including in-depth contextual analysis, a process evaluation, a randomised control trial and a qualitative longitudinal cohort study to generate a rigorous measure of …

Itad begins an evaluation of the Norwegian Aid Administration’s systems and practices to ensure evaluability of Norwegian grants

Itad is leading an evaluation to assess the Norwegian aid administration’s internal processes and systems for measuring and demonstrating results of Norwegian funded interventions.

We are reviewing Norad and the MFA’s current internal processes and systems for results measurement, reviewing the level of support staff receive to ensure evaluability, using process …

Itad begins work on evaluating the MacArthur Foundation’s Grantmaking in Human Rights and International Justice

Itad has begun an evaluation of the MacArthur Foundation’s Past 10 Years of Grantmaking in Human Rights and International Justice (HRIJ) in Nigeria.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has awarded Itad the contract to carry out both a backwards-looking and forwards-looking evaluation of the last 10 Years of its Grantmaking in Human Rights and …

2012 – a year in review

2012 was a successful year for us. As the focus on results, transparency and value for money has percolated through the wider development community, so demand for our core services in monitoring and evaluation has increased.

We initiated or completed over thirty evaluations in 2012, including the impact evaluations of the Millennium Village Programme in Ghana, the …

Partnership with IDS – Centre for Development Impact

CDI is a new joint initiative that cements the IDS and Itad partnership.

The Centre for Development Impact will contribute to learning and innovation in the field of impact evaluation. The Centre aims to improve the assessment of impact on the poor, particularly through the use of appropriate, mixed method, and robust evaluation designs.

IDS brings a wide range …

AusAID, Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer

Itad have been selected as a nominated supplier of monitoring and evaluation services to AusAID under the new Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer.

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) manages Australia’s overseas aid program and assists developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia’s …

Itad has been awarded the contract to evaluate the EU co-operation strategy with Yemen

Itad has been contracted to evaluate the EU co-operation strategy with Yemen and its implementation during the period 2002-2012, as well as feed lessons and recommendations into the next long term programming strategy in 2015.

Read the full project description here.

Munirat Ogunlayi re-joins Itad as the Deputy Team Leader on the Voices for Change (V4C) programme in Nigeria

Munirat Ogunlayi is an experienced international development consultant with more than 12 years of leadership experience developing, leading and managing large, complex multi-million pound development programme at country and multi-country levels.

She re-joins Itad as the Deputy Team Leader on the Voices for Change (V4C) programme in Nigeria. V4C is a 5 year DFID …

Itad complete 5-year independent evaluation of UNITAID

UNITAID is an innovative global health initiative largely financed by a levy on air tickets. Established in 2006 by the governments of Brazil, Chile, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, it provides sustainable funding to tackle inefficiencies in markets for medicines, diagnostics and prevention for HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria in developing countries.

Since 2006 …

GIZ award Itad the contract to Support Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) in Government and Civil Society in Uganda

Itad is responsible for the training courses through a series of Training of Trainers (ToT) modules in Uganda.

The aim of the ToT is to build a critical mass of trainers on evaluation in Uganda who can then roll-out a training programme among a larger target group – OPM administrators, decision makers, project managers, public sector officials, the private sector …

Claire Hughes has joined Itad as a Principal Consultant

Claire Hughes will be leading Itad’s Empowerment and Accountability (E&A) portfolio, building on our existing work, which includes strategic technical support on major DFID E&A Programmes such as the State Accountability and Voice Initiative in Nigeria and Strengthening Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in Ghana.

Claire has over 15 …