Added Value of Strategic Funding

2014; Mozambique; PSI

Population Services International (PSI) is a US-based global health organisation working with governments and local organisations to improve the health of those in the developing world. Itad was contracted by PSI to evaluate the value of providing core funding vis-à-vis tied project funding.

Taking a theory based approach Itad worked with PSI and its core funding the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs to develop a set of hypothesis around how and why strategic funding is important (e.g. strategic funding provides flexibility, strategic funding facilitates investment in organisational systems). The hypothesis was best tested by the Itad team using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Itad provided a team of three international consultants to travel to Mozambique to evaluate how funds are used within the organisation, and the benefits to both the end users and to PSI.

Image © Mozambique. Photo Credit: F Mira

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