Adolescent Girls Initiative Action Research Programme (AGIARP)

2013 – 2018; Kenya; DFID, Population Council New York

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has committed £13.62 million over 6 years for the Adolescent Girls Initiative Action Research Programme, Kenya (AGIARP).

The project seeks to improve the lives of at least 10,000 adolescent girls in Kenya between the age of 10-14 years, by improving their access to health, education, economic assets and protection from violence. Adolescent girls in Kenya face considerable risks and vulnerabilities that affect their education status, health and general wellbeing. The AGIARP programme is implementing a range of intervention packages in health, prevention of violence, wealth creation and education and will test out which combination of interventions are the most cost effective and achieve the greatest impact for girls.

Itad is leading the cost-effectiveness component of the evaluation, as well as providing partners with monitoring tools to ensure Value for Money throughout the life of the project. We are conducting the cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness component of the study including input into the research design, and tools to ensure that appropriate costing data is collected. Itad is also providing expertise in Value for Money through identifying the critical component processes in the implementation of the programme’s strategy, monitoring these processes across the lifespan of the programme, and providing recommendations where necessary for increasing Value for Money.

Image © Improving health clinics to prevent future nutrition emergencies. Photo credit: Noor Khamis/Department for International Development