BEAM Exchange

2013-2017; United Kingdom; DFID, SDC

The BEAM Exchange is a new forum for knowledge exchange and learning about the role of market systems approaches in reducing poverty.

With support from DFID and SDC, it will work to strengthen and extend the application of these approaches in diverse development programmes– including sectors (such as health, education, sanitation and energy services, and women’s economic empowerment) where market-orientated strategies are still innovative and emerging.

BEAM aims to build a vibrant community among policy policy-advisors, consultants, practitioners and businesses, supporting those who design, manage, implement, evaluate and participate in programmes. It will improve access to field-orientated guidance and evidence of good practice and results; create events and spaces for learning, knowledge sharing and experience-informed debate, and build a valued library of key resources.

Itad is leading the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) spoke for BEAM, which aims to build the credibility of the market systems approach by strengthening the evidence base of its impact, and to support practitioners to improve implementation by generating and responding better to information on the effects of their interventions.

For more information, have a look at the BEAM Exchange website.

BEAM Exchange products:

The results achieved by programmes using a market systems approach

Causality and attribution in market systems development

Dynamic monitoring and results: How the Propcom Mai-Karfi project designed and implemented an adaptive measurement system

Impact evaluations for market systems programmes

BEAM Monitoring Guidance

The impact of programmes that use market systems approaches

Monitoring tips and techniques

Rethinking systemic change – technical paper

Rethinking systemic change – discussion paper

Applying multipliers to tourism in Kosovo

Improving national statistics in Kosovo

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