Department for Water Resources Restructuring Study

2005; Kyrgyz Republic; Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources & Process Industry, Kyrgyz Republic, World Bank

Itad was contracted to assist in the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Restructuring Study which was commissioned to look at the institutional arrangements for incorporating the project-funded WUA Support Unit into the DWR, and for making recommendations on the restructuring required within the DWR to incorporate the changes brought about as a result of the new Water Code which was passed in January 2005.

The DWR Restructuring Study is part of the On-farm Irrigation (OIP) and Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (IRP), both funded by the World Bank. The OIP is a US $ 29 million project which commenced in late 2000 has two main components; rehabilitation of on-farm irrigation and drainage (I&D) infrastructure covering some 170,000 ha, and development and strengthening of Water Users Associations (WUAs). The project is working with some 80 WUAs responsible for the management of some 160,000 ha in all 7 Oblasts in the country.

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