Development of a diagnostic framework for Value for Money in governance and conflict programmes

2012; Nigeria; DFID Nigeria

Achieving Value for Money (VFM) is key issue for DFID. DFID Nigeria wanted advice on how VFM can best be monitored and measured in its governance and conflict programmes.


This work drew on our earlier work for DFID headquarters on VFM in governance and conflict programmes. Our advice had two main outputs: 1) a diagnostic framework for structuring programmes’ indicators of VFM – this helps DFID assess how well programmes are measuring their VFM, and helps programmes make better VFM cases to DFID; and 2) a series of diagnostics of the VFM offers made by nine DFID governance and conflict programmes. These programmes were in areas including: police and justice; public financial management; voice and accountability; civil service reform; democracy and elections; anti-corruption; security and conflict; local government; and gender and women’s empowerment.


The assignment produced a useful approach to VFM for DFID and its contractors in Nigeria to improve the measurement and management of VFM in their programmes. The approach is being promoted by DFID Nigeria and considered by other country offices.

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