DFID Kenya Wealth Creation Portfolio: Reach and Contribution to Poverty Reduction

2014; Kenya; DFID

Itad is undertook a study for DFID Kenya to assess the existing evidence base, and plans for evidence gathering, on their private sector and enabling environment programs’ reach and contribution towards poverty reduction goals.

The study also highlighted evidence gaps and scope for a more in-depth programme of work looking at the reach and final impact these types of programmes can have on poverty reduction in Kenya, and scoped out a methodology for further research and evaluation on programme impact that seeks to provide clear evidence on distributional reach to the poorest, final impact and contribution made to poverty reduction, jobs and the strength of the associated results chains and theories of change at the programme level.

Image © Mothers with their children in Loiturerei village, Kenya, October 2012. Photo credit: Noor Khamis/Department for International Development