Education Research Proposal – The Skills Gap

2000 – 2001; South Africa; DFID

Itad, contracted by DFID carried out a research proposal on Skills Gap research. The research focuses on three main areas namely, the macro-level (Departments of Education and Labour), the labour market (SETAs, employers) and the further education and training (FET) sector (provincial level education authorities, FET colleges).

The ‘Skills Gap’ research project was one of a number commissioned by DFID’s Education department. The research aimed to understand the match (or mismatch) between the skills and competencies that learners have on completing education in the FET sector and the skill requirements of the formal employment markets. This is highly relevant and topical for South Africa where human development indicators are low and deep-rooted problems challenge the education and employment sectors. Significant concerns included the lack of formal-sector employment opportunities of school (and FET) leavers, the quality and appropriateness of skills training provided, skills shortages in certain key areas, and the poor articulation between the FET sector and the labour market. The research served to increase knowledge and awareness in the field of skills development as well as help to facilitate links between education, training and the labour market, specifically in South Africa but with relevance elsewhere.

Image © Dreams for the future. Photo Credit: Lindsay Mgbor/Department for International Development

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