Evaluation of FoodTrade East & Southern Africa

2012; Multi-country; DFID

FoodTrade East and Southern Africa (ESA) is a five year trade enhancement and promotion programme, with a focus on staple food crops. Itad is undertaking a longitudinal evaluation of the programme through the course of its implementation.

The programme aims to take a leading role in tackling the causes of the multiple market failures that exist in staple food markets in the region and thereby increase income levels and food security for producers and consumers, both women and men.  FoodTrade will deploy targeted interventions in the areas of storage, inputs and service markets, information, value chain coordination and policy and regulation, with the aim to get more people trading in regional staple food markets.

The evaluation is wide ranging and involves a diverse set of evaluation methodologies, including quasi-experimental impact evaluation, case study analysis, value for money assessment, an organisational review of Programme Management Unit, including analysis of the synergy between interventions and the sustainability of the programme.

Image © Trade_The shape, colour and odour of beans. Photo credit: Pete Lewis, DFID

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