Evaluation of Result Based Management at UNDP

2006; Egypt, Indonesia, United States, Zambia; UNDP

In 1999, UNDP adopted a results-based management (RBM) approach, with the aim of enhancing its contribution to development effectiveness.

The evaluation, covered 1999 – 2006, and aimed to assess the effectiveness of the RBM, as well as provide feedback on the organization’s efforts to strengthen the existing RBM practices. Itad led the study and had overall responsibility for methodology, analysis and report writing. The evaluation was developed around a theory-based intervention logic including a set of structured questions to test that logic.

The evaluation provided forward-looking recommendations to key stakeholders and feedback to UNDP Executive Board on the intended and unintended results of the RBM approach.

Image © EGYPT. Photo Credit: Nasser Nouri 


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