Evaluation of the European Union co-operation strategy with Yemen

2012; Yemen; European Commission, ADE

The European Union (EU) co-operation with Yemen started in 1978 and still today the EU is among the main Western donors in the country. The EU Delegation in Yemen was developing its long term programming strategy in 2015 and commissioned a country programme evaluation to contribute to that process.

The evaluation had two objectives; to provide an overall independent assessment of the EU’s past and current co-operation and partnership relations with Yemen and to identify key lessons and to provide recommendations in order to improve the current and future strategies, programmes and actions of the European Union.

Itad evaluated the EU co-operation strategy and its implementation during the period 2002-2012 using the OECD-DAC evaluation criteria, with a particular focus on food security, resilience, private sector development, social service delivery and governance.

Image © Mazrak Camp, north-west Yemen. Photo Credit: IRIN Photos