Evaluation of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD)

2018-2020; Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data; UK

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) is an open, independent, multi-stakeholder network harnessing the data revolution for sustainable development. The network consists of more than 280 data champions representing the full range of data producers and users from around the world, including governments, companies, civil society groups, international organisations, academic institutions, foundations, statistics agencies and other data communities.

The Global Partnership helps to raise the profile of data on global, regional, and national political agendas and build broad constituencies to support data production, access, and use, foster multi-stakeholder collaboration, to innovate, share knowledge, and solve problems, and improve data access and interoperability mechanisms and standards.

Itad has been commissioned to design and conduct an evaluation of the GPSDD. The evaluation has two prongs – it looks at the Partnership’s ability to achieve intended outcomes, and at how its operational structure and approach supports it to do so. In close coordination with Evaluation Committee, we will use the evaluation to identify areas to adapt and strengthen, as well as areas to stay the course or expand.

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