Evaluation of the MacArthur Foundation’s Past 10 Years of Grantmaking in Human Rights and International Justice (HRIJ) in Nigeria

2012; Nigeria; MacArthur Foundation

In recent years, the The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation undertook a comprehensive review and redefinition of its overarching HRIJ strategy.

The aim of this assignment is two-fold – to determine what investments have worked well and what could work better, and to better understand the context for support, so the Foundation can make informed choices about programme design in HRIJ in Nigeria going forwards. Itad is conducting this theory-based evaluation and mapping study. The team comprises experts in evaluation, research and human rights, combined with an in-depth understanding of the Nigerian context and experience working with philanthropic organisations. Methodologies being employed include desk reviews, site visits and qualitative interviews with a range of stakeholders. Lesson learning is an important part of the assignment and the team will work with Foundation staff to identify appropriate avenues for dissemination and communication of the results and use.

Image © Children_Itad