Evaluation of Transformational Change in Climate Investment Funds

2017-2018; World Bank; Multi-country

Itad, in partnership with Ross Strategic and ICF, has been commissioned by the World Bank’s Climate Investment Fund (CIF) to conduct an evaluation to better understand and assess transformational change in the CIF context.

The evaluation will examine the Transformational Change Learning Partnership undertaken by CIF’s Evaluation and Learning Initiative. It is hoped this will boost the transformative impact of CIF investments, as well as those of other funds, by establishing a more systematic and robust understanding of transformational change and how it occurs.

The Itad-led team of evaluators and technical advisors will conduct a theory-based approach that draws on elements of realist evaluation where relevant and feasible. This approach centres on answering how, why and in what contexts transformational results have been delivered, and as far as possible, establishing CIF’s relative contribution to these results.

Image © Turbines. Photo Credit: richardghawley, Flickr

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