Farmer-Research-Extension linkages & the role of civil society organisations in development & dissemination of agri-technology

1998-1999; Western and Central Africa; DFID, Overseas Development Institute

Itad was contracted by DFID and the Overseas Development Institute to coordinate a collaborative study on strengthening research-farmer linkages for improved technology generation and dissemination.

The core focus was the importance of farmers’ organisations and other civil society institutions as intermediaries for farmers to access improved agri-technology. This project was part of a co-funded, Franco-British Initiative to co-ordinate agricultural research on anglophone and francophone countries in West Africa. It involved field studies in five countries in the region and close collaboration with multiple stakeholders including CORAF and its member national agricultural research systems, CIRAD, ODI, Coopération Francaise, and DFID.

Image © Hatching a (business) plan. Photo Credit: Ed Hawkesworth/DFID.

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