Gatsby Africa: Strategic Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Partnership

2018; Gatsby Africa; Multi-country

Itad is implementing a learning partnership with Gatsby Africa to strengthen their organisation- and programme-level approaches to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL).

We are supporting Gatsby to refine the conceptual framework they use to think about whether their programmes are building the underlying conditions needed to create resilient economic sectors and lasting impact. We will then work with Gatsby to make any necessary adaptations to their measurement frameworks, helping them to:

  • better track the underlying health of sectors and their progress towards transformation
  • generate more evidence about which programme activities are working and which are not
  • strengthen programmes’ abilities to adapt and flex based on their learning

In addition to this, we will work with Gatsby’s individual programmes to support them during their review cycles to assess their theories of action and measurement approaches. Where appropriate, Itad will also provide technical support on certain approaches and methods that the programme teams are looking to use.

Itad will also support Gatsby’s close partner organisations Kenya Markets Trust and Msingi in their own efforts to strengthen their capacity in MEL.

For more information read the Learning Partnership briefing paper here.

Image © Neil Thomas for Gatsby Africa


About Gatsby Africa:

Gatsby Africa funds and runs programmes that look to catalyse and influence large-scale and lasting change in priority sectors in East Africa.  They aim to create jobs, raise incomes, reduce poverty and accelerate economic growth.

They work in sectors with the potential for competitiveness and where growth could benefit large numbers of people. They help public and private stakeholders to tackle immediate constraints to growth as well as long-term structural challenges.

They support stakeholders to develop a vision for the sector by combining international learning and benchmarking with high-quality analysis of local, regional and global markets and trends. They pilot new ways of working via partnerships with the private sector and government.  They look to build public institutional capacity to regulate and govern markets effectively while creating the right environment for dynamic private sector innovation. Ultimately they aim to help build competitive, inclusive and resilient sectors. Resilient sectors have the institutions, incentives and capabilities in place to dynamically adapt to new challenges and opportunities and ensure continued long-term growth.

Where Gatsby works:

They work in the Tanzanian cotton and textiles sectors, the tea sectors in Tanzania and Rwanda, and forestry sectors in Tanzania and Kenya.

Beyond their programmes, they have built and continue to support a number of independent East African organisations to undertake sector transformation work and influence the broader debate on economic growth in the region.  These are governed, managed and staffed by local people. Itad will work with Kenya Markets Trust and Msingi as part of the partnership.



For more information please contact:

James Robinson
T: 01273 765250