Global Report on IHP+ Performance

2014; Multi Country; World Health Organisation, HERA

IHP+ is a group of 62 partners committed to improving the health of citizens in developing countries by putting international principles for effective aid and development co-operation into practice in the health sector.

‘Better health results’ is the ultimate goal of IHP+. The main strategy to reach this goal was aligning support to good quality country health strategies, and strengthening and aligning with country systems. This overall vision, built on the agreements of Paris, Accra and Busan, is currently shared by most countries and development partners. The 2014 global report on IHP+ performance focuses on monitoring commitments to effective development cooperation in health. It generated data against six agreed issues related to the “seven behaviours” by which development partners have agreed to operationalise their commitments to improve the effectiveness of investments in the health sector, and thereby contribute to improved health outcomes.

Itad, as part of a consortium led by HERA, was contracted to deliver the 2014 round of monitoring on effective development cooperation, based on 2013 data for IHP+ signatories. The consortium supported country level reporting against indicators, which informed the production of a global report on progress against commitments to effective development cooperation by IHP+ partners. 24 countries participated in this round of monitoring, in a process driven by Ministries of Health and in coordination with development partners at country level. While the production of the global report (including scorecards for countries and development partners) was a key output, the project also emphasised the use of information in policy fora because data collection is only useful to the extent that it is used to inform policy debates and ultimately leads to meaningful change. Therefore, the team were also developing an ‘options paper’ for strengthening mutual accountability, to support the effective use of data and enhanced mutual accountability.

Image © Mali, Djenne. Photo credit: Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn) 

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