Helpdesk & Training Services in Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes & Budgetary Aid

2002-2004; Belgium; European Commission

Itad, contracted by the EC, is consortium leader on a £1.2m per year contract to provide training and helpdesk services to EC and partner government staff in Project Cycle Management, Sector Programmes and Budgetary Aid. This is split into two; Provision of methodological support and helpdesk services and training design and delivery.

A team of fulltime helpdesk consultants is based in Brussels, while a range of trainers and backstopping consultants are available to support this large-scale capacity-building programme. Work has included the development of guidance materials for project cycle management and sector programme support. Training is delivered in Brussels and to Delegations worldwide, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Image © European Commission building, Brussels. Photo Credit: Richard.


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