How to Note on ICTs in Data Collection

2006; United Kingdom; DFID

Itad provided services to DFID under the ICD (Information and Communications for Development) framework. Under this framework, Itad coordinated and authored a How to Note on Using Information to Strengthen Policy-making.

This How to Note is part of a series of notes on Using Information to Strengthen Policy-making. These notes are aimed primarily at DFID statisticians, although they may be useful to staff in country offices. The Note provides a short summary of the key issues for DFID staff in use of ICTs in data collection for poverty monitoring it shows a range of possible options in the use of technology, together with their pros and cons, plus sources of further reading on the topic.

Image ¬© Demonstrating DFID’s concept aid information platform at Open Up! Photo Credit: Russell watkins/DFID.

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