Joint External Anti-Corruption Evaluation

2009; Multi-country; Norad

In 2009 Danida, ADB, SADEV, SIDA, DFID and Norad commissioned a joint evaluation of anti-corruption efforts in five countries: Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Zambia and Nicaragua.

Its purpose was to obtain knowledge regarding the relevance and effectiveness of support to reduce corruption, both through specific anti-corruption and good governance efforts and in particular sectors (education, health and infrastructure), from 2002 onwards.

For this assignment Itad assembled a core International Evaluation Team and a National Evaluation Team for each of the designated countries. Our approach addressed corruption as a systemic issue and assessed donor approaches to corruption, looking at the full range of anti-corruption interventions and aid delivery mechanisms. A synthesis report identified lessons and recommendations regarding what kind of donor support may work, what was less likely to work and what may harm national efforts against corruption.

Image © Hoi An. Photo Credit: Emmeline Willcocks

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