MA Teaching at PRDU, University of York – M&E in Fragile States: The Challenges of Measurement

2010-2016 (ongoing); UK, University of York

Itad Principal Consultant, David Fleming, teaches an annual seminar series on conducting Monitoring & Evaluation in Fragile States to MA students at the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU) at the University of York.

The seminar series builds on Itad’s strong track record of monitoring and evaluating in Fragile and Conflict-affected States (FCAS), and focuses on the key measurement and logistical challenges of operating in these environments.

For two days each year, David teaches a series of seminars that introduces the challenges of measurement in peacebuilding and humanitarian work. Topics covered include why M&E is so important in conflict-affected contexts; the critical challenges that face M&E in such environments – from insecurity to data reliability to methodological bias – and approaches to overcoming them; the benefits and pitfalls of using a theory of change approach in conflict-affected contexts; and approaches to evaluating peacebuilding and humanitarian programmes, looking in particular at different conceptions of impact and the importance of using conflict analysis in peacebuilding evaluation.

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