MacArthur Foundation HRIJ Grantee Meetings

2013 –2014; Nigeria; MacArthur Foundation

Itad planned, co-ordinated and facilitated of a series of grantee meetings related to the MacArthur Foundation’s human rights and international justice (HRIJ) grant making programme in Nigeria.

Itad undertook the meetings as a follow on to its work on the retrospective evaluation of the MacArthur Foundation’s past 10 years of grant making in HRIJ in Nigeria (2000 – 2012). The aim of this evaluation was to determine what worked and what could work better, coupled with an examination of the pre and post landscape in Nigeria including the identification of opportunities to maximise impact going forward. This forms part of the Foundation’s priority to learn from both its past work and current context so as to make informed choices with regard to HRIJ investments in Nigeria. The Foundation wanted to engage grantees, in further articulating its Theory of Change and identifying possible measures and indicators, to gain feedback and begin to discuss potential evaluation approaches. A further aim of the assignment was to build the capacity of HRIJ grantees to work with the Foundation to implement the strategy and theory of change and to assist grantees in developing their own theories of change.

Itad led the assignment with the team of experts who are experienced in capacity building, evaluation, theory of change, quality assurance and monitoring and evaluation. Itad facilitated the grantee meetings to help them evolve their organisational theory of change and situate their MacArthur Foundation project strategies within the overarching HRIJ strategy. This was followed by action learning sets based on ‘learning by doing’ with grantees working and learning together tackling real issues, and reflecting on their actions simultaneously in a facilitated ‘set’. Support to the set was initially provided remotely and then through a facilitated face-to-face event.

Image © MacArthur Foundation Grantee Convening Photo Credit: Gavin Stedman-Bryce

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