M&E design for the Poor Communes Livelihoods and Infrastructure Programme, Vietnam

2005; Viet Nam; Socialist Republic of Vietnam, World Bank

As part of the programme appraisal process, Itad was commissioned to design the M&E component of the planned Poor Communes Livelihoods and Infrastructure Program (P-CLIP), which was intended to reduce poverty and build sustainable livelihoods for the most disadvantaged communes in Vietnam.

We prepared a Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy, designed monitoring tools and reporting procedures, and proposed institutional arrangements for carrying out M&E activities and ensuring the effective use of the information gathered. We also designed the baseline survey instruments and sampling frame as well as an experimental design for the planned impact evaluation. Following completion of the appraisal process, P-CLIP evolved from a World Bank-funded programme to become the first budget support financed poverty targeted program in Vietnam. Itad retained involvement in this programme through participation in joint annual reviews of its progress under a separate contract with the Swedish International Development Agency.

Image © Mekong Photo Credit: Emmeline Willcocks 

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