Measuring Value for Money in DFID: Review of the VFM Indicator in DFID’s Public Service Agreement

2003; United Kingdom; DFID

Itad was contracted by DFID to produce a paper reviewing the VFM indicator.

This included a detailed analysis of data contained within DFID’s management information system (PRISM), with particular attention paid to the issues of compliance and disparities across country offices, regions, sectors and instruments of aid. Key informant interviews were held with DFID staff, including various Country Offices.

DFID’s Public Service Agreement (PSA) 2003-2006 sets out a number of key indicators for reporting performance to the Treasury department. This includes the Value for Money (VFM) indicator, which is defined as both an increase in the proportion of DFID’s bilateral programme going to low income countries, and a sustained increase in the index of DFID’s bilateral projects evaluated as successful.

Image © Women from a community in Nepal that benefits from UK aid. Photo Credit: ‘Department for International Development/Narendra Shrestha

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