Mobilising for Development – Northern Nigeria

2012 – 2018; Nigeria; DFID, GRM International (UK)

Northern Nigeria has some of the worst human development indicators in the world. Adolescent girls and women are disproportionately affected by under-development.

Government agencies and others are not delivering basic services, and their accountability to citizens is weak. To help address this situation, DFID is funding a six year programme – Mobilising for Development (M4D), to help Nigeria hit the Millennium Development Goals in the North. M4D, which will work mainly in sub-State Local Government Areas (LGAs), has combined detailed political economy assessments with the latest thinking on improving governance in Africa. It is going to work on a range on service delivery models in which citizen’s demands and service providers’ interests converge. Particular emphasis is placed on improving delivery of basic services to women and adolescent girls, and development of innovative delivery models.


We are one of three firms that have formed a consortium to manage M4D for DFID. Our combined experience covers management of large DFID programmes, working in Northern Nigeria, working with local government on service delivery, and innovative approaches to working with civil society and improving governance. We are providing the Results Director and other technical advisers to support the monitoring and evaluation of the programme. This includes interacting with the external M4D evaluators.

For more information, please see the M4D website.

Image © Saving Lives. Photo Credit: DFID UK

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