Monitoring and evaluation of DFID’s support to the Palestinian Authority

2017-2020; DFID; Occupied Palestinian Territories

DFID is providing support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to meet the needs of the Palestinian people through a four-year programme called Deliver Basic Services, Build Stability and Promote Reform in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (SSRP). The SSRP is providing Financial Aid, Technical Assistance and monitoring & evaluation (M&E) services. DFID funding will enable around 25,000 young Palestinians with access to an education, provide up to 3,700 immunisations for children, and 185,000 medical consultations each year. This will help to build and strengthen the capacity of PA institutions through public financial management reform and build stability in the region by preserving the two-state solution.

Itad is leading on the third component of the programme acting as an independent M&E provider to support DFID and the PA to monitor progress and evaluate the impact and learning from the programme. Itad aims to deliver a robust accountability mechanism to inform DFID’s programming decisions, which include an annual Ministerial sign off for disbursements of Financial Aid, and to provide lesson learning for the implementation of SSRP. Lessons will look at how the Financial Aid and the Technical Assistance can complement one another and better deliver the intended outputs and outcomes.

Image © The entrance to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) adorned with the SDGs, January 2018. Photo Credit: Richard Burge, Itad

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