Monitoring & Evaluation for Understanding and Enhancing Rural Youth Livelihoods in East Africa

2002-2005; Kenya, Uganda; DFID

Itad was contracted by DFID to provide communications and Monitoring & Evaluation expertise to this project. Specifically the methods for partnership building, communication between different stakeholders and developing a system for reflection and learning about the process.

This research project aimed to identify new opportunities to enhance the livelihoods of rural youth in East Africa. This was achieved through gaining a clearer understanding of the livelihood strategies of rural youth by reviewing current policies, institutions and processes that influence the lives of young people in rural areas. It established and disseminated models of good professional practice to support the efforts of those rural youth who seek to build their livelihoods in enterprises related to sustainable use of natural resources.

Image © Home Away from Home. Photo Credit: Dylan Thomas / UKaid / Department for International Development


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