Monitoring & Evaluation of the Andra Pradesh District Poverty Initiative Project

2000-2004; India; World Bank

Itad, contracted by the World Bank, provided a consultant to supervise the M&E component of the project, to provide advice to the M&E institutions and to assist in building local capacity.

The monitoring & evaluation input is focused on the two main components of monitoring and evaluation – the impact evaluation study and process monitoring.The District Poverty Initiative Project in Andhra Pradesh, India was implemented in six of the poorest districts of the State.

The principal issues raised with the M&E teams concerned the need to link indicators in a framework which reflected both the planned process and objectives, as well as being able to take account of the results of demand led developments; to reduce indicator numbers to a core level, to seek rationalisation and convergence of the process monitoring and impact evaluation design and sampling procedure; and to ensure the system itself had clear goals and the information needs are met at group, village, district, management and donor level.

Image © View of urban area near river. India. Photo: © Curt Carnemark / World Bank

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