Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation Service Provider for the WASH Results Programme

2013 – 2021; Multi-Country (Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia); DFID

Itad is leading the monitoring and verification of DFID’s WASH Results Programme.

The WASH Results Programme was launched in 2013 to support the UK Government’s targets of reaching 60 million people with improved water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives by the end of 2015 – in line with Millennium Development Goal 7c.

Implemented across 13 countries, the WASH Results programme employs an innovative finance mechanism following principles of ‘Payment by Results’ whereby the three WASH suppliers will receive payment only upon independent verification of achieving a set of specific results agreed between each supplier and DFID. Project outputs were to be achieved by Dec 2015, and from 2016 onwards, the commitments shifted towards sustainability of these services i.e. continued access to water, sanitation and continued safe hygiene practices until the end of the original programme in March 2018. Results are verified at both output and (unlike many PbR programmes) outcome level.

In 2017 DFID approved an extension to the programme up until 2020 in eight countries, with additional output and outcome targets.

DFID appointed an Itad-led consortium to provide the Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation (MVE) services related to the programme. Together with our partners, IWEL and Ecorys, we have mobilised a team of highly respected and qualified international and local experts covering the domains of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Payment by Results.

Our verification component follows a systems based approach: we do not collect third-party data, instead ensuring that supplier generated data (and the underlying systems) are robust and reliable.

Upon an initial audit of each WASH supplier’s monitoring and evaluation system, we design a tailored approach to verify the supplier’s delivery processes and audit their monitoring data provided for verification. Our core function is the verification of performance – did the supplier deliver what was promised? In addition, we provide an advisory function, suggesting improvements to monitoring systems and flagging issues where the quality of delivery may impact on the future continuity of services. To deliver our verification services, Itad employs a lead verifier for each of the three ASH suppliers, backed up by a team of country verification experts.

From 2013-2018 our partner, OPM, led the evaluation component of the original programme of works. This comprised a process evaluation of the Results-based Financing mechanism employed in this programme, and a randomised control trial, which sought to understand the determinants impacting on the sustained use of water supply and sanitation services delivered by this programme.

Image © Access to Clean Drinking Water. Photo credit: Department for International Development / Rafiqur Rahman Raqu

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