OHCHR, M&E Framework for Strategic Management Plan and Performance Management

2007-2008; Switzerland; Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is part of the United Nations (UN) Secretariat based in Geneva. OHCHR represents the world’s commitment to universal ideals of human rights.


As part of UN reforms, this assignment aimed to improve OHCHR’s strategic document (the Strategic Management Plan) as an effective tool to measure OHCHR’s performance, and to help improve accountability and result-based performance. We provided advisory services to support the finalisation of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework for OHCHR, alongside technical support to develop software to capture and report on performance. We reviewed OHCHR’s proposed indicators, finalised the data collection protocols, established baselines and targets and provided the design specifications for the computerisation of the system.

Image © At the United Nations in Geneva. Photo Credit: Noel Hidalgo

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