Results-based Payment Approaches in the Governance Sector

2014; Multi country; OECD

Over the past decade there has been a considerable amount of experimentation on-going to test out results-based finance mechanisms, particularly in service delivery sectors. However, the benefits of results-based payment approaches in the governance and institutional reform domains are comparatively underexplored.

The objective of the assignment is to provide better knowledge on the use of RBP in the governance sector, with special emphasis on public sector reform programmes; to identify different and innovative modalities and approaches, and to make recommendations for OECD, and its Governance Network (GovNet) Effective Institutions Platform (EIP).

Itad has been contracted by OECD to conduct this innovative and challenging study. We are deploying a team of external experts coupled with Itad’s own internal governance expertise. The assignment involves a detailed literature and evidence review encompassing the work of a range of bilateral and multilateral donors to identify what different results-based approaches are being used, with three country-based case studies. A final, peer-reviewed academic paper will set out the findings and recommendations from the study.

Image © OECD Conference Centre Entrance. Photo credit: OECD/Michael Dean