Retrospective Impact Assessment of the Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania

2015-2016; Tanzania; Financial Services Deepening Trust

The Financial Services Deepening Trust (FSDT) has been working since 2005 to stimulate the development of Tanzania’s financial services sector so that it better meets the needs of poor Tanzanians and of micro, small and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs, contributes to economic growth, and helps to reduce poverty).

Although reviews have been carried out at project and programme level, a formal impact evaluation has not been carried out. While it is likely that FSDT will have had significant impact in some areas, this needs to be reviewed independently, using a robust methodology that carries the confidence of FSDT managers and key stakeholders.

The main objective of the evaluation will be to assess the impact that FSDT as a programme had on financial access in Tanzania over the period 2005 to 2013. Itad, in collaboration with our partner MicroSave, are adopting a theory-based approach using mixed methods for the evaluation. This will fully analyse and understand the context in which the programme was delivered, undertake a rigorous analysis of the evidence, and employ a credible approach when comparing observable impacts to the counterfactual (i.e. what would have happened without the programme).

Itad and MicroSave together have been able to mobilise a team of well-respected and experienced experts in their field who are well placed to deliver on this assessment. The result is a team of specialists who will provide a relevant combination of impact evaluation skills and financial and market development expertise for this project.

Image © Market. Photo Credit: Charlotte Nordahl